Q. What is an ePortfolio?

A. ePortfolios Explained (new window) written by Dr Mark Morton of the University of Waterloo, Canada. This offers a great perspective on the growing importance of ePortfolios. 

Q. How can you offer this service free of charge ?

A. Like other web businesses, we earn revenue by providing a free service in addition to other fee-paying services. We offer technical support, pedagogical advice, training and graphic design at reasonable prices. Our free service is supported by advertising. You can also opt for a Premium account.

Q. Can I import my ePortfolio into FolioSpaces?

A. Yes, and this is free of charge. See our import ePortfolio page for details.

Q. How do I share my ePortfolio?

A. Once you have created a page, or collection of pages, you must specify who to share it with and then give them the web link. Details can be found in the manual.

Q. How much does it cost to host our institution?

A. Hosting is free for institutions. We only charge for setting up your institution, starting from USD$199. There are no annual fees.

Q. Can I backup my information?

A. Yes. We recommend you do this regularly, using the export function.

Q. How secure is my information?

A. We take information security seriously. This site is protected by 'secure socket layer' as used by your bank, meaning all information is encrypted as it travels to and from our servers. Servers are protected from hacking by a range of extensive firewall and web server rulesets. And all data is backed up daily to an off-site data center. 

Q. Where is FolioSpaces?

A. Our servers are located in Texas, USA and our administrative base is in Victoria, Australia.

Q. How do I delete my account?

A. Login and delete your account via 'Settings'. This will delete all of your information and cannot be undone. We cannot delete your account for you.

Q. How do I get ads off my pages?

A. Consider upgrading to a Premium account.

Q. How do I cancel my Premium membership?

A. Visit www.2co.com - our secure Internet payment provider.


Q. I need to create a private group where we can share files, discuss topics and present pages. Can you help?

A. Consider upgrading to a Premium account, which allows you to do all these things at a very reasonable cost.

Q. I need to upload lots of users at a time, track usage, create templates, have our own look and feel. Maybe more. Can you help?

A. Contact us about trialling an Institutional account, free of charge or obligation. We offer free institutional hosting and a range of services to help you.


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