Free Institutional Hosting

You can host your institution's ePortfolios at FolioSpaces free of charge. That's right: we don't charge for hosting.

Institutional accounts allow you to have your own:

  • custom branding
  • authentication methods (eg. linked to your institution's directory)
  • designated administrators (eg. for adding/editing members)
  • designated staff (eg. for creating controlled groups where students can submit assessments)
  • institutional pages and shared files
  • user reporting, and more.

Your institution's cost of implementing, maintaining and upgrading an ePortfolio system may be prohibitive. Your IT department may be too 'busy'. Then there's the question of what happens to your students' ePortfolios once they've graduated. Why not start out in the place your students are most likely to continue using an ePortfolio as a lifelong learning tool? 

We can work with your institution's IT administrators and web designers to enable a more streamlined experience for your students, such as login via LDAP or Moodle LMS, and custom graphic design. We also offer customized training.

You won't be charged annual fees; we charge only for the admin costs involved in creating your institutional account, starting from USD$199.

Contact us for more information.

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